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    Yoga in the morning vs. Yoga in the evening


    Yoga traditionally has been practiced in early morning, there are benefits of morning yoga as 5 senses keep collecting many informations in the form of images, voices, smells, tasts, and touches through out the day, in general anyone can experience in early morning absence of mind, or emptyness of mind which means the union of body and soul in absent of mind or unflow of collected informations as metal blocks, helps to connect and Experience better, one within themselves while early morning there is pure oxygen (O2) and less polustion creats ideal platform to gain better understanding, conciousness and awareness to bring the Divinity in all aspects of life. If once we see yoga from wide angle it will be difficult to say morning yoga??? or evening yoga??? Because now a days people has vast change in lifestyles and day to day work, which might be an barrier for morning yoga but still evening yoga has it’s own benefits. By the evening body cells & muscles become loose and soft which can be an add on to enhance and deepen the practice, one starts expriecing energetic, stress get reduced, Experiences grounding, improve sleep etc after an exhausted day. This might be a better way to say Evening yoga work as tablets but morning yoga makes you free from taking any tablets. However morning and evening yoga both has their own pro and cons which depends on the one’s lifestyle, work conditions and individual requirements. Yoga can be practiced due to different intentions in order to  physical improvments, peace of mind, growth of conciousness and spiritual developments ultimately doing is the key and eventually one will be clear if evening or morning which works out well.