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    Things to keep in mind when you are starting yoga after pregnancy


    This is a responsible act to gain back overall fitness after a lifetime experience of 9moths Devine work of universe in the womb of a mother. It’s very common to feel bit difficult with body and mind after labour days due to many changes in body and emotional frequencies of mind. You can resume your yoga practice or start fresh, it will help to build up completely in all aspects against the on going resistance.

    Mother might have a C section for the birth it’s beneficial to wait for minimum six months to resume or start yoga Practice so that you could avoid unwanted harms but you can practice few joint movements i.e. neck, shoulder, wrist, arms, knees and ankles you can syncrenize breath with your clock and anticlockwise rotations of joints this can be repeat 8-15 times for each joints these are known as Pawan muktasan series 1 and 2. If possible don’t hesitate to consult with doctor or find an expert help.

    Usually in cases of normal pregnancy mother can start practice after 3-7days, mother should start practice with pawanmuktasan serieses for first 10days. Slowly more asanas with counter postures can be practiced, these can be included in C section cases as well after six months of rest.

    After pragnancy mother need to take care of Spin, Abdominal and Root Chakra’s but same time legs become stronger yogic stretching postures like janushirshasana, paschimottanasana, & urdhvatadasana are beneficial practice. Malasana, dhanurasana and salabhasana are helpful to strengthen Root Chakra’s, hastuotanasana, hastpadottanasna, & machhendrasana are good for spin before pragnancy mother’s spin completely get turned opposite from it’s natural position and giving it healings through few asanas is good approach for the improved fitness whereas usthrasana, ardhahalasana & naukasana are helpful to get core better and strong abdominal. Makarasana, trikonasana, balasna & setubandhasna are few more postures.

    Don’t forget to take yoga expert’s help. If you practicing at home you can stay 30 seconds to 1 minute in each postures avoid any kind of force in any aspects during the practice, enjoy the flexibility respect your strength, and become healthy, strong and happy mother.