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    Is weight loss through yoga really possible?


    Now a days weight loss has been trendy expectation, often we can observe at fitness service platforms, has 90% participants taking training to have control on their weight. We can easily see arround the big changes in lifestyles, somewhere we have stopped ourselves to work manually due to an affordable comfort in almost each small and big aspects of our day to day life, but no matter what yoga Practice is still a surprising answer to many for thier quest.


    All the factors which causes over weight can be taken care through yoga. Yoga is not only a practice of physical postures but it is a practical lifestyle which includes diets, exercises, desciplines etc. We being committed to have healthy food practices from preprations to consumption with mindfulness, and desciplinary awareness Practices of asnas and pranayamas make easier to enjoy better fitness & quality life experience.

    Yoga Practices actually helps to keep circulationary function smooth in the body and stops cells to stuck and geatherd in a place to creat blockages and then to be converted into body fat.  Different Asanas, body twists and Streche improves alignment, these Practices create such presice pressure and angles in different limbs of body which  breaks fat cells and helps to re generate the new healthy and fit cells. Yoga activates sweat glands to throw out the toxins from body and re alive the cells. There are many Asnas to burn the fat e.g. Usthrasana, chaturangdandasana, veerbhadrasana series, Naukasana and paschimottanasana are few of many, there are proven facts that yoga is one of most calories burner practice.

    Power yoga, & Hatha yoga are most common forms of yoga to gain the weight loss suryanamaskara and dynamic flow of progressive yoga routines will make you experience in few minutes practice itself that there is nothing remains out which will help you to attain your fitness or health goal.

    Most of time it has been known that yoga Practices helps to balance the lunar and solar energies, many time beginners or practicinores has been seen under weight or over weight as per thier ages and heights but after regular and guided practice of yoga, they have gained and loosen weight this only happens once your energies are in balance. As per the one of old yoga context “yoga is like a Kaamdhenu”( a cow which is capable to provide you anything as you wish) and no doubt always intentions decides the outcome. Namaste!!!