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    What to expect when you are a first timer in your 40s


    By the 40s one always look for the stability almost in every aspects of life, durring all previous years before 40s we often avoid to take responsible steps for our own physical and mental health, sometime it becomes harmful in early & mid of 40s as body keep get aging and weak. Aging is natural but weakness causes many discomforts and illnes in one’s mental & physical levels, practicing yoga can be good to prevent such ailments.

    Often one need to understand that what are the right asnas, pranayamas and kriyas to practice for all kind of alignments for healthy and quality life experience, one can consult with an expert to prioritize the areas to take care through yoga, usually immune system, lungs, flexibility, strength, endurance and stress management are common and basic areas to work on, better immune system helps to ensure prevention and healings for various desiases and ailments. Keeping lungs healthy through practice of pranayamas helps to keep maintain proper balance of oxygen in body limbs, flexibility is very important to keep body smooth and free from blockages as well surity of fit limbs, practicing and repeatation of asanas helps to gain the necessary body strength same time asanas practices helps to boost endurance which improves capacity and activeness of mental and physical performances in various platforms of day to day life.

    However one in 40s should expect stability of mind, better immune system, flexible body, healty internal organs and improved body strength but don’t forget that too much is never healthy & beneficial in any stage, remember what are your goals to practice such movements, keep note of changes which happens, do little but do regular.

    In 40s yoga practice miraculously will help you to keep away from diabetes, sleeping disorders, stress full thinking, body aches, collestral & low-high blood pressure and many more.

    Your expectations must be towards fully mental and physical alignments as well stabilities in different aspects  of life, avoid trendy health & fitness competition and fully shift your awareness towards your health and fitness priorities ultimately you are the one who really can diagnose right areas of work through the yogic Practices.