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    About Me

    About Me

    I am in my thirties an Observer, seeker and learner , I grown up in the lap of mother nature (Satpura Mountain Ranges, In Madhya Pradesh state of India) where mountains, dense forest, open sky, wild lives, pure wind, wild rivers, plants and trees become my best friends. I started my nonstop practice of yog in amazingly peaceful and pure environment, as yog is my culture I decided to live it, since I was 8 year old. It all started after seeing a snake charmer in a village fair, he was amazingly Master in his play and tricks with snake, I couldn’t stop myself as child mind to find out how one can do such. My grandpa told this is act of meditation from there my journey begins on yogic path. I started to explore more and learning basics of meditation sitting with grandpa after few years there was something which keeps me calling in the Forest, every day I run away find a place and sit down for hours in Forrest sometime experiencing breeze on my body, seeing river, trees and animals slowly I started studying their movements, listening the silence along with music of mother nature, and practicing Tratak on blue sky filled me with inspiration and motivation to be self taught Yogi. My thrust to explore more leaded to Patanjali yog Sutra (One of ancient and pure form of yog).




    When I entered in my 17, I joined an International Yog Institute in Indore as yog instructor, through this opportunity I could interact with over a thousand people from many different nationality during my seven year of service along with exploration of yog philosophy, strengthening the yogic education and its understandings. I studied many ancient scriptures and books in the field of yoga whenever I had spare time. My most of self yoga practice is based on 5 elements(water, fire, earth, space and wind). As time passes with my self practice, I came to understand that every person has different physical & mental capacity and comfortability this brought me to explore different styles and Yogic practices. My core learning is based on Hatha yoga. Although Iyengar yoga, quantum yoga, Kriya yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, Aerial yoga, Shivananda, atmananda, satyanada yoga, and many other props based yoga I am practicing and sharing with practitioners and yoga teachers based on alignments, techniques and breath work. There almost 100+ different styles in which I conducts sessions, workshops, corporate yoga and retreats.

    As said ‘Meditation is best Medication’ there are various way of practicing meditation, I feel so fortunate that I could learn/know how to practice and be prepared for meditation during my vagabond life in Himalaya I encountered with yogis and aghoris and their education and message to me that “Make it easy is Meditation” no matter what you do it must be aligned with your mind, body and soul, now I love to share and making things easy for practitioners and myself.This also helped me a ton to open my creative folks within and develop another strength. Once I was at the place where Guru Gorakhnath apeard and meditated, due to tiredness on my legs I sat down in Garland pose not knowing the ants house just underneath in few minutes my hand filled with vibrating energy giving me the sense of thousands and thousands ants running on my body, but there was no ants at all on my body, I felt so powerful in myself later I come to know that it was Pranic Energy which I can channel to support the healings, since I also started therapeutic massages and healing sessions.

    While I am living yog, I realised that yog is Just not only the postures or few kriyas, Its a way of healthy, meaningful and conscious lifestyle. Its a journey of powerful transformation in many different aspects of life. Through the yogic consciousness and thoughts which lays within me, I decided to go among the people to share my practical knowledge, live practice and wonderful experiences which passed through me in last 20 plus years with energetic and blissful manners. I traveled in 21 countries while sharing my experience and understanding different cultures.   In present days, I am living my spiritual ambitions and enjoying the never ending bliss. I really can see, there is already so much complications in the world, and Yog is really a powerful & purest tool to make the things easy for the world, It is above then all the boundaries, It has power and capacity to make this planet better, If it could reach to people with true essence. Myself mission is to make yog accessible to everyone in this earth with keeping its true spirit alive.