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    This is how 8 limbs of Yoga enhances your lifestyle


    If you practice yoga and thinks that it can be good for flexibility, relaxation, postures alingnments or weight lose, yes you are right. There are few other points too which are the part of yoga let us take there names

    Yama, Niyama, Asna, pranayama, pratyahara, dharna, dhyana samadhi, these all 8 limbs are itself strong foundation of health, fitness, wealth and peace if one could implement in life.

    There are five Yama-Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya, Aparigraha. Ahimsa it means non voilence, any act on the emotional, physical and mental level towards someone or to self which causes criticism, irritation, anger or judgment are voilence, if one can understand such roots and keep awareness on such areas which creates positive magnetic personality  and adds values in growth for all aspects. Satya denotes to truthfulness if one can stay truthful in every aspects of life to self and others can have better respect and clearity. Asteya is Non stealing if one has such aspect in life not only in action but also in mind, and word helps to improve image which means trust system to self and others.  Brahmacharya, continence helps to break bonds  that attach us to our excesses and addictions, we need both courage and will. And each time we overcome these impulses of excess we become strong, healthy and wise. Aparigraha is non conveting, letting go anything physically, mentally, or emotionally possession which is more then the necessity, does help to move life easy.

    Niyama are powerful transformational package, the five niyamas are Saucha, Samtosha, Tapas, Svadhyaya, and Ishwarapradhana. Purification the Saucha is the way to find and remove what creates impurities within us and arround us including food, drink, friends, entertainment, home furnishings and transportation. Contentment known as Samtosh, it’s help to feel confident and stable in life, Practice of contentment free us from the unnecessary suffering of always wanting things to be different, and instead fills us with gratitude and joy for all of life’s blessings.Tapas means asceticism asks to illuminates and burns up our mental and physical impurities.Tapas transform and purifie us as well as enables the conscious awareness and control over our unconscious impulses and poor behavior. Self study stands for Svadhyaya where Self-study requires both seeing who we are in the moment and seeing beyond. Ishvara Pranidhana means devotion, or surrenderness. We must dissolve our egocentered nature and let go of our constant identification with ourselves.


    Pranayama helps to practice breath, once breath becomes calm and slow the movement of mind becomes slow which helps to keep innerself align and awake at the moment.

    Asanas are posture which helps to keep body flexible, fit and strong this is the way to practice and understand the adjustments which might intersect in day to day life with positive approaches to the solustions.

    Pratyahara is method of withdrwaling the senses from what is not required or useful for positive growth and developments.

    Dharna take you to single pointed focus which is always helpful to become mindful and aware of right things in life.

    Dhyana means meditation this is a stage of stability and strength in all major aspects of life financial, actionary, emotionally and mentally.

    Samadhi is a stage of bliss or happiness when one reach to this level life completely get transform. There nothing remains to be solved, it’s such a stable stage of never losting happyness and radiation of the same to transform all around.

    Namaste !!!!