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    Things which happens once you start practicing yoga with progress


    It always amazing to see the transformation and when it comes to start your practice eventually it offers you witnessing, training towards your thoughts, habits, patterns, behaviors, relationships, friendship, time, work, tasts, emotions, feelings, experiences, awarness, body limbs and muscles, and most importantly your soul and intlect. I think that yoga is Anadi(no beginning & no end) only few thousands year back a kind and Noble personality brought it up in constructive and productive way to mankind so that it could keep planet safe and happy. Now a days we all are being benefited in many aspects through implementation of yoga in life. Here are few major transformation which occurs in your life with progression of your day to day yoga practice.


    1. You will start capturing Monkey mind – what does it mean? how to overcome?

    Mind is the biggest enemy, it doesn’t exist what, does exist is collection of memories, experiences and thoughts, yoga do provide platforms to stop mind for dwelling on past and future what remainse is presence in the moment, and transformation of mind into self awareness. Yoga practices divert the attention into extension and contractions of the muscles and joints which helps to find stability.


    1. Shortage of breath – what to do when you feel so, what breathing exercise to do.

    Shortage of breath means that during practice of yoga asnas and kriyas one might feel that there is not enough breath it’s give you the taste of suffocation. It’s always good to keep breath work in practice from beginning so that shortage of breath conditions doesn’t make you uncomfortable for practice further.


    1. You might be comparing yourself – how to measure your progress, not compare yourself.

    This is usual in yoga sessions we keep eyes on other practitioners and start comparing our own bodies. If we put an affort to find inch by inch progress in postures and keep reducing errors day by day practice, can improve our concentration and asks to look within instead out.


    1. Including the yoga practice in routine- how can one do it?

    Yoga is the most easiest thing to occure as it’s completely based on consciousness and mindfulness, no matter what you do in day to day life if you could do it with conscious and full of awareness, it becomes yoga.

    1. Any pains or cramps one might have- how to overcome?

    Pain only happens when there is voilnce in your practice it means doing any practice more than our capacity will give muscles soreness and cramps it’s always better to acknowledge our body.


    1. *You become relax* – Relaxation is such a hard nut to crack but yoga practicinores become aware of their bodies and get trained through practices to find the comfort in unfavorable situations, this helps to find the space to relax not only in practice but real life situations as well.


    7.* Remodel your personality*- This has been proven fact that you get to know your beaviours, patterns and habits closely along with your yoga practice once your inner eyes watches such they address to your intlect and your awareness fixes the issues in return your overall personality get remodeld.


    8.* Keep you Stable*- Practice of yoga improves the sense of coordination among your physical, mental & intlectual bodies which pramots better understandings towards the self or any other external circumstances which requires to overcome your dwellingness in many aspects and keeps you Stable.


    1. *Happiness which matters*- Everything what we do in life must be to attain peace, satisfaction and joy. Yoga play a vital role to find such moments more often in smallest peice of time, this way happiness does not only remains the matter of big occations but finds you even in tiniest moment, your life becomes garden of cheers.


    1. *Full filling life*- Yoga educates you to being aware of your needs and wants, if you get to know the difference between these two life becomes full filling and beautiful.


    1. *Solution oriented*- Yoga practice activates left and right brain funtions and coordination between two which changes your prospective towards the situations and problems and itlect actively brings best ways to work on the concerns.


    1. *Seeks for the mother nature*- Your eyes and soul carvs to spend some time whenever possible in the lap of mother nature and getting in touch with five elements water, fire, wind, space and ether(earth).


    1. *world becomes family*- You become easy within yourselves so you willingly start easyness around you. Even strangers get treated as they are part of you and this is what world lacks.


    Once you will decide to start practicing yoga the transformation will start from that time itself . Having regular practice will lead you for better oxygen flow, improved endurance and strength along with flexibility, these are the keys to keep you in better balance with mind body soul cordination, once these all are in better functions there are absolutely enhancement in lifestyles with quality and class.

    There is endless list how yoga can transform you mentally and physically. Ultimately finding happiness in each and every action and reaction opens the door of beautiful lifestyle which matter most in order to living each moment to it fullest. Namaste!