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Yoga Private Sessions

Yoga Private Sessions

This program is suitable for individuals, couples and expats for anyone whoever find it bit difficult to approach a fitness centre due to their day today busy life, this service is helpful to match their desired needs of healthy lifestyle and fitness each session is minimum 60 minutes and maximum 75 minutes of duration. Each sessions has been catered towards the individual needs mainly focused on weight loss, weight gain, flexibility, posture correction, breath work, endurance, strength, body tone up, and overall general fitness.




  • Recommended for:  All ages from 6 – 70 year old
  • Adjustable and pre fix timings
  • Benefits: Mental and physical fitness
  • Free tips for micro yogic exercises to fit in your day to day life.
  • Cost per Session per person: – $40
  • Cost for 10 or 12 Sessions per person – $420 or $450.

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