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    Lifestyle Revolution


    Changes that makes Life better once you start practicing yoga.

    Yoga is not done in an hour’s practice, it is classy lifestyle. Yoga, which is a continuous quest of self to self, a process to create a happy life aligned with nature and harmonised with mind, body and soul. It is Anadi, no beginning or an end. It’s always amazing to see the transformational journey by the regular
    practice of yoga.

    It is certain to be benefited in many aspects, through the implementation of yogic wisdom in our lives.

    Here are a few major ones among innumerable changes. I am going to mention those changes that become benchmark in your life, as soon as you choose to practicing yoga

    1.You become calmer: Being calm is such a hard nut to crack but yoga practitioners get well aware of their bodies and get up skilled through practices to find comfort in unfavourable.It prepares one to handle pressure and stressful situations impact-fully, without losing calm.

    2. Revamp your personality: It is a proven fact that when you start to monitor closely your patterns and habits in behaviour. You ask for more self-aware and mindful life. This awareness leads you to revamp and improve your personality whereas yoga becomes boosting pills to confidence and improves the quality of life

    3. You become sturdy: Holistic yoga practice of the mind, body, and soul, it enhances the sense of conjoinment among your physical, mental & intellectual bodies which causes better understanding towards self. It accelerates control and increases awareness of external circumstances that gives sturdiness in every aspect of life.

    4. Connectivity with happy hormones : No matter whatever we do, search of happiness keep on. Yoga trains you to know the way within, where the mindfulness and inner peace become stalwart which tune to happiness, when nothing seems desired.

    5. Fulfilling life that you live: Yoga gives you clarity for your needs and wants. Once the vision is clear, one can understand the importance and analogy of complexion between wanted and needed to conduct a fulfilling and beautiful life.

    6. Solutionist attitude emerges : Such holistic practice of yoga helps to have better coordination between the left and right brain functions. This improves your perspective towards situations and your reactions towards the complexity of life, to regulate decision-making process better.

    7. Judgemental attitude not any more your cup of tea : To be in doubts is incurable disease. while practicing yoga offers you to attain non judgemental attitude. as soon as you take any
    advance asana to perform, you see through that doubtfulness which must be broken, to connect with the true nature of self, in order to have non judgmental attitude.

    8. Breathe guides your senses : It has proven that if one can attain an intended regulation of breath can have controls on the senses, that can make all inner healings possible, along with
    restoration of the energy to utilise at right moment with right force.

    9. It keeps your real charm alive : Usually most of us adopt a lifestyle which has been our environment, practicing yoga let you discover your uniqueness within and brought you to
    lifestyle which has mental, physical and spiritual balance in all aspects of life whereas you feel aligned with self.

    10. Your Silence speak :The opportunity to look within serves in silence, peak of silence opens the door to your intuitions through yogic practices. You start listening to the voice of wisdom, once this becomes constant, you realise that silence is the best answer.

    The list goes endless for transformations that you physically, mentally, emotionally and socially achieves. ultimately finding bliss in each and every action becomes easy due to practicing yoga. You can live each moment to its fullest and can enhanceyour lifestyle, with evolved charismatic personality. Namaste!