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    ? I never practice yoga before, will be able to do practice?

    Yoga is so easy practice with best returns for physical, mental and spiritual fitness. You don’t need to be worried about starting. Only concerns are injuries, surgeries or any specific medical conditions, if your trainer has informed about these concerns, there are possibilities to customise or modify the practices as per requirements. You definitely can practice.

    ? Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?

    Yoga is a great tool when it comes to flexibility. Yoga can be practiced even you have zero flexibility. You can day by day improve your flexibility with constant and regular practice.

    ? Does yoga help for weight loss?

    Yoga is great way for weight management. The practice itself manage your metabolism profoundly. It helps to detox mentally and physically that’s lead to great outcomes. Some forms of yoga are very effective for weight loss like, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga and Core Yoga are few of many. Pranayamas or Breathing practices also good good add-ons for better results.

    ? Can I practice yoga during mensuration cycle?

    During this time body needs rest and doing to heavy yoga practice might be not ideal one, but some gentle yoga and specific postures along with breathing can be very shooting and helpful for reducing cramps and mood swings.

    ? What is the right time to practice yoga?

    Yoga can be practice anytime ensuring that you don’t have any heavy meal and you are comfortable. However early morning is best or as per your daily life you can adjust your practice time.

    ? How many times should people practice in a week? And, why? How do you balance the missed practices?

    Ideally for the beginners minimum 3-5 days maximum 7 days practice is best for next 6 months, Because first 1 months their body  approaches strength, joint openings, physical & mental adjustment and correction of breath then it’s starts to attain internal healings, flexibility, stamina, endurance and alignments it goes for  next 3 months then body starts to find stability, balance and concentration so yoga is step by step process and continue practice is only tool to fullfiil the moto. It’s not possible to provide sepreat sessions  most of time that’s why in beginning itself we let them know if they missed any session please! We suggest to practice the same from last day as per their time allows.