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    5 Elements in Yoga and Life (Part 2)

    Yogic journey through Aghories path This mystical curiosity took me to a cremation ground, during my mystic yogic learnings with Aghories (sect of mystic practitioners) in Varanasi. My homework was to observe the burning dead body to understand how the body merges with five elements. I was gazing at pyre, hearing the sound of body […]

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    5 Elements in Yoga and Life (Part 1)

    Personal Experiences 1 Thoughts Sharingl Transformational Stories  When we talk about 5 elements that sounds like watet, fire, wind, earth and space. Hinduism does believe in these elements. If you see or explore the strength and necessity of these elements, you will know how powerful and important these elements are. In India if you will […]

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    Lifestyle Revolution

    Changes that makes Life better once you start practicing yoga. Yoga is not done in an hour’s practice, it is classy lifestyle. Yoga, which is a continuous quest of self to self, a process to create a happy life aligned with nature and harmonised with mind, body and soul. It is Anadi, no beginning or […]

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