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    About Me

    About Me


    My name is Anand Shrivastava, I am a Celebrity Yoga Coach & Meditation Expert who loves to exchange the pure energy through my yoga training and sessions to all who are seeking for overall well-being mentally, physically, and spiritually. After self practice of yoga and it’s wisdom nearly for 24 years, I decided to share my yoga journey through Yoga sessions, Yoga Retreats, Yoga workshops, and Personal Coaching with everyone who wish to transform their lives. I have studied various texts and scriptures to understand the ancient formulas in yoga that strengthens my knowledge and brings sparkle to my training skills. My earlier self practice in amazingly calm environment in surroundings of Satpura Mountain Ranges adds  peacefulness and ease of mind in my aura.




    When I was 8, my grandfather initiated my primary yoga learnings. All started from a village fair where a snake charmer was performing many tricks. Seeing the snake charmer remaining unbitten all the times in his deadly play made me question to my grandfather how is this possible? His answer was yes even you can do this if you do meditation. Since then my yoga journey continued as an observer, learner and exploration of this ravishing and transformative Yoga path. I travelled many countries that helped me to understand the need of yoga and its importance for ongoing and upcoming generations. I worked to lead and train as Master Trainer to many yoga trainers in one of the leading yoga studio in Asia, Sarva Yoga Studios and Diva Yoga. One of the prominent International Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Middle India has been developed on my concepts. I am founder of ApnaYoga Studio (launching soon).

    My sessions are usually welcoming, energetic, generous, entertaining and motivating. I believe in quality and results oriented services. My mission is to make yoga accessible for all with keeping its real essence alive. My mastery over various styles/forms of yoga along with many different props based yoga brings uniqueness and varieties to my sessions. I do craft every yoga session to leave you with exclusive experiences. My incorporation of Mindfulness, Alignments, Advance Asanas, Consciousness, Understanding of individual needs and Clear Instructions etc makes my sessions deliver best outcomes. I hold RYT-500hrs by International Yoga Alliance USA, in Ashtanga Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga.

    I love to spend my time in nature and travel. In my spare time I do Pranic Healing for plants, trees and animals. I train dogs for service and protection. Cooking food and learning about natural herbs are few of my other passions. I am also looking to develop holistic wellness centers and partners for this project. At present I am enjoying my YOGA life with ever flowing Blissfulness.

    Namaste!!! ?‍♂️?