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    5 Elements in Yoga and Life (Part 2)


    Yogic journey through Aghories path

    This mystical curiosity took me to a cremation ground, during my mystic yogic learnings with Aghories (sect of mystic practitioners) in Varanasi. My homework was to observe the burning dead body to understand how the body merges with five elements. I was gazing at pyre, hearing the sound of body distafization. seems the watet vapour process was taking place, towards space. I saw after many hours the body became ashes, while wind was mixing ashes into soll. This experience made me sure that 5 elements, construct the body and how they dissolve. Once I finished my task, I shared my observations with Aghories. They told me a healer tont understand the origination and dissolution process so that a perfect method could be implemented to treat specific objects. If one could understand how to maintain balance among them certainly can live a blissful life.

    Yoga has been defined as “Cittasya Vritti Nirodhah” a way to reduce or almost end fluctuations of flickering minds, which causes many mental and physical imbalances. Yoga lets you understand the very nature of the mind and reveals illusion. This practice brings filters to find best tuning among the mind-body-soul, which are naturally aligned with universal dimensions. If one cotdd make life functional with eight limbs of yoga certainly the planet will betone a better platt.

    Why to use your fingers to eat!!!

    In yoga there are many Mudras that are performed through the combination of fingers, which represents five elements and generates electromagnetic vibrations in the body.

    This helps to make up deficiencies of these elements and improves immunity. When you enjoying food and using fingers to eat helps secretly to improvisation of these elements.

    This makes bettet connectivity with eatables and leads you to healthy diets. lt also offer you an opportunity to appreciate the texture of your food and all the hard work to which made it available to you and your love ones.