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    ? How do you initiate the training for a beginner ?

    We want to make yoga accessible for everyone no matter which community race or age groups they come from, we do not prefer to use terms like beginners, medium or advance instead we approach to provide happy, comfortable, non-judgmental and positive environment where participants could feel easy inspired, motivated, safe and cared. It helps to generate positive and effective results which is important to keep their interest on and continuity for their practices but most important to guide alignments instructions, degrees, angles, corrections, assistance, modification and etc which can be experienced in their sessions. We incorporate various styles/forms of yoga and various type of Pranayama. People having different motto to practice yoga our training ensure the best results for their different mottos examples: flexibility, relaxation, posture Corrections, fitness, weight loss, endurance etc. In simple and few words I will say we make efforts to make person/participants feel comfortable and grounded with safety and confidence that’s the key for best results and making it easy for them so that they could be focused in their practices instead of feeling beginner.


    ? What kind of approach is required for personal training compared to group session?

    Personal trainings(PT) are difficult task in compare of group trainings, PT asks for clearieties of individual’s need, Self discipline, well behave, proper knowledge and understanding towards the needs/requirements of the client although all these are essential for both types of training or sessions but it becomes more important when it comes to PT. In group classes mutual silent motivation works as well trainer does not feel bounded to one specific participant and pays equal attention to each.


    ? What are the common mistakes that beginners do? how does it affect them ?

    Beginners are usually monkey mind in beginning they only use there eyes and hear the instructions but doesn’t listen I mean they hear it and hardly executes. They try to do more than their actual capacity results they feel pain, sourness and demotivated. Sometime they compare themselves with others in their groups or trainers. They starts talking to skip whenever it comes for a bit challenging. They try to compare with their previous experiences.

    ? Does yoga practice differ according to the person? for eg: Pregnant ladies, Disabled and people with health conditions (diabities, blood pressure, etc,.).

    Yes yoga practice differ according to the person. Core of yoga practice is to keep mind body spirit aligned and it happens through Breath work, Cleansing process, practice of postures, concentration and meditation. Through practice of yoga one can improves brain functions & functions of internal organs, keep spine flexible and strong, clean the glands, and to do such there are many energetic and powerful Asanas, pranayamas, madras, kriyas, and bandhas which must be modified as per the health conditions and capabilities of the individual and their health and fitness conditions.