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Different ways to practice Yoga in a hectic work-life


We have gone so far in many aspects of life as modernization and expention of artificial intelligence in return with no surprise if hectic work life comes in existence and in day to day life of an individual.


Practicing yoga is completely involvements of awareness, concious mind and movements of body limbs with breath. Everyone on this planet has access to such as above mentioned. When one keep such things as part of day to day life, it becomes easier to face and deal with hectic work life. It directly impact on our brain functions, circulation and resperetory organs along with immune system, if one has such basic Practices regularly life doesn’t take step back from door of happiness.

Now important how one can give time, regularly? to a dedicated practice. Well if you follow awareness, cocsious mind and movements of body limbs with breath, you can do it anytime, anywhere. For example we must expand our intelligence towards smart approach, let us share few ways from morning onwards till time to the bed.


One can do few postures on bed as soon as wake up like pachimottanasana, salabhasana, bhujangasana, chakrasana etc and few off the bed in bedroom like hastottanasana, hastpadottanasana, tiryaktadasana, ardhkati chakrasana latter in washroom time can be utilized, do five to seven time alternate hand or arm movements while brushing teeth. We can make it a practice whenever having dinner or watching television using floor to sit down even 5 to 6 time before meal one can repeat standing up and sitting down, as well spinal twists, before going to bed walk till your bed in veerbhadrasana 1 and 2 using alternate leg, repeating urdhvatadasana 10-20 times and sitting in vajrasana for 5 minutes etc there are many other ways you can find some space for such Practices in your hectic work life no matter if it’s, a car ride, office cabin, kitchen time or an rushing hour keeping such basics in our attention we can definitely face the hectic work life as  another opportunity for happiness ultimately complete health of mind and body only can make difference and why not to try it until we Experience it.